Above: (Left) is an initial sketch I made in the early stages of contemplating basic design layout for my app interface. (Right) is a mock up based on my initial sketch, I used draw.io to recreate my drawing as a clean wireframe. I have titled this design Version 1.0 as this was my first attempt at designing an app interface for this project. I would like to create an app interface that whilst being both simplistic and intuitive to use, also?has more functions and capabilities than Ver 1.0.

app-post-6Above: Is a series of wireframes created using draw.io. The main change I made in Ver 2.0, is the idea of choosing from stock phrases to communicate with the animals, as oppose to the idea employed in Ver 1.0, based more on other language translators like ‘iTranslate Speech’. Where you would record any speech, and it would be translated and transcoded back and forth between a person and an animal. I decided? to change the communication method to a stock phrase based system because?I thought about the implications of anyone with the?app being able to say anything they want to any animal, and I feel it could have potentially serious ramifications for the animal kingdom, like causing the animal large amounts of stress through verbal abuse, therefore you have the ability search for something you would like to ask the animal, but all the stock phrases would be safe from causing the animal any type of harm.

Ver 2.0 of the app will give you ‘basic’ words and phrases to begin communication with an animal like ‘Hello/Goodbye’ and ‘Excuse Me/Speak’, and when you select the ‘Search for a phrase….’ search box it will give you the most commonly searched for phrases for that particular animal (Seen in the first wire frame). Another major change made from Ver 1.0 to 2.0 is the ‘Select an animal’ drop down menu bar, I changed this from the ‘Search for an animal…’ search bar in Ver 1.0, so the user could see what animals they are able to communicate with, in different categories, like ‘Mammals’ for example. Then they are able to explore that category by using the search bar, scroll from A to Z, or by a?group in that category. I’ve?also considered and designed how to settings page would look and considered what functionalities would be available to the user, like the option to upgrade to pro version of the app, that would have increased?capabilities?and a larger selection of animals to communicate with. There’s also the potential for Apple Watch compatibility and the option to change the human translation language, from English to any other?language.

I decided to go with the name ‘Babel’ in Ver 2.0 of the app mainly inspired by the ‘Babel Fish’ in ?The Hitchhiker?s Guide to the Galaxy? by Douglas Adams, but also inspired by the ?biblical story of the ‘Tower of Babel’ which I stumbled across during my research?of the origins of the word. The story tells the tale of decedents of Noah who decided to build a tower as a symbol of how great they had made their nation, so tall that it would “reach to the heavens”. However?God didn’t like their arrogance, so he caused the people to speak different languages so they could not communicate and work together to build the tower. This caused the people to scatter across the land. The tower was named The Tower of Babel because the word Babel means confusion. This further cememented the idea that the app should be named ‘Babel’, as it adds another meaningful connotation regarding decifiereing languages and communication. However, I think the app’s graphic design and icon will be more inspired by the ‘Babel Fish’ because I think that?it is a more visually appealing?image.



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