Developing Map Icons

BRIEF:?“Create a small set of 3 or more graphic images that explore some unusual aspect of Bristol and add the graphics to a related point on a map embedded in a single web page (using Google maps API or similar).
The graphics might represent information about a place, building or a community (present or past). This information might be represented schematically or more literally. You should consider the overall style of the map and graphics together.

Try to find something unfamiliar or unusual about the city, that makes us think about it in a new or surprising way. Could you fictionalise some aspect of the city? Or overlay information from somewhere else that gives new meaning to the city?”

I wanted to make a set of icons that pinpointed?three of Bristols best skate spots, and that drew on a?visual connection to the location of the skate spot, so if you were just to look at the icon on the pin you should be able to recognise the location it is pinpointing. I feel I have successfully captured this in these three map icons.

Click here to view the icons in action!





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