Lloyds Soundscape

BRIEF: “In this exercise you create / take 2 different photographs of 2 different locations that have an interesting relationship to each other.
It is your job to embed them in connected web pages and design, Foley, record and edit in sound effects to the images. Embed the sound so it plays with its respective image.?Interpret the idea of ?place? as broadly as you can.”

Click here to visit my soundscape site!img_7400

For this project, I wanted to explore the idea of the contrast?between?legendary?Bristol skate spot ‘Lloyds’ outside the bank’s headquarters, versus the interior of the bank’s headquarters?which is essentially office building. These?juxtaposing?environments interested me, so I decided to try and capture the environments in two separate soundscapes. The first image and soundscape were quite simple, I took a photograph of people skateboarding and congregating at the spot, outside the building, and captured the sounds they made using a TASCAM audio recorder?and pieced together the sounds and conversations I’d recorded in post.

The second soundscape, however, proved to be a little more difficult, as the?Lloyds building is actually private, and you would be trespassing if you were to enter, so I had to re-create the interior image looking down at the skaters?and imagine what that would look like as well as the sounds that you may hear?inside the office building. To produce this image, I first took an photo from the?mezzanine outside the entrance to the building, looking down at the skaters, as if it was taken from inside the building, I then edited the image in Photoshop to try and make the image look like it was taken through a window, and I feel I have successfully created this illusion. To produce the soundscape I started by thinking about what sounds would be present inside the Lloyds office, and how I would be able to recreate them at home. I recorded sounds like; a printer, pen on paper, typing on a keyboard and a telephone ringing, as well as speech and conversations between employees, and a telephone?conversation?between an employee and a customer. I even put the skateboarding soundscape quietly underneath the office soundscape, as if it were happening outside, because if you were in the office you may still be able to hear the faint sounds of the skateboarders outside the building, muffled behind the glass.

I then embedded?the images and the audio in a website, to do this I downloaded a bootstrap template and edited the HTML code using Brackets. I looped the audio and I chose to hide the audio controls because I didn’t?want the viewer to be able to pause or know the duration of the mix, I also made the images change when you click them, so you can easily flip between the two environments, to further accentuate the stark contrast between these two neighbouring settings, that are so close together yet so dissimilar.


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