Car Crash Audio Narrative

BRIEF:?“Create a short dramatic audio journey embedded in a small website. Use the interactivity of the website as a way to explore some aspect of the possibilities of alternate endings, dead ends and different routes through the narrative.
Either use found (downloaded) audio or a recorded interview with a person / people as your raw material. Avoid ?acting and actors?. Your audio should be mixed and treated to create atmosphere and drama. Use music sparingly, if at all.

For this assignment, I wanted to try to present the user with the possibility of different random outcomes involving a car journey, much like gambling, which itself, is random and lacks predictability. Inspired by the idea of gambling?the user’s fate,?I thought potential methods of gambling that would be applicable to the project,?like a roulette wheel and rolling dice for example. However, I ended up going with a slot machine because I felt it would be easier to visualise?on a website, and I liked the idea that three icons had to line up to establish the overall outcome, adding further immersion and suspense for the user.

2016-12-08 10:12:43 pm







Above: Shows the process of creating the animated GIF in Photoshop, using screen shots of my Illustrator?file. To create the illusion that the slot machine was spinning I first created the slot machine windows, I then made a long strip of repeating?slot machine graphics (seen above), I then nudged the long strip of graphics and took and screen shot each time I moved them, I repeated this process many times and then imported the images into Photoshop and the images acted as stills for my GIF animation, to use on the website. Together ?the images successfully created the feeling of movement and a working slot machine, and I was very pleased with the result.


Above: Illustrates the process for HTML coding the desktop site from scratch using Brackets Code Editor and employing the useful live link tool to allow me to see what changes you are making in real time, which is very helpful, and allowed me to learn code a lot quicker, because you know if you have made a mistake and you can fix it instantly.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-12-07-08Above: Shows the JavaScript I used to achieve the randomness of the slot machine, it randomises the outcome so even I don’t know which of the three car scenarios will occur when you click the spin button. There is also a 5-second delay before loading the corresponding audio page, to allow for the duration of the animated GIF to complete.





Check out my live audio narrative site now!

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