Idea Proposal and Research…

BRIEF: Create a project that incorporates mobile media and explores an aspect of Bristol…The theme of the project is: Neighbourhood Narratives – The City in the City.
The project might include elements of the city that are hidden from view, or transform the way we see, navigate or experience the city. Or it might explore the relationships of the inhabitants to each other, or to the city environment. It could also explore some aspect of the city that is directly linked to specific media forms (the sound of the city for example).

[UPDATED] Group Proposal: As a group of two, we have consolidated and compromised our ideas into one final group proposal. We intend to create a locational live photo collage maker positioned in Bristol which will have a clear and easy to use multiple page layout, with a home screen displaying the busiest college as well as a brief description explaining how to partake, made specifically for smartphones which allows the users to create and add to a collage of the most picturesque locations in Bristol by simply collecting all images under the specific hashtag of the location and overlapping in order of oldest to newest, giving the themes of continuous interactive activity within Bristol as well as connecting people together via their experiences of the places.

The mobile site will also include an easy to use map page, depicting all of the available locations for users to explore which will be simply displayed by a series of interactive map pins which when pressed will load the current collage of the location as well as the hashtag needed for the user to join in with the college and overall provide the user with a new and creative experience that anyone can use and is new every day, also in the locations there will be a sticker with a short explanation on how to take part as well as a QR code which when scanned would direct you to the home page where you can learn about and join in with the college.

Short Proposal: In this project, I intend to create a mobile interface that takes images uploaded to social media taken at specific locations around Bristol, sourced using their hashtags or geotags. Then produces a continually evolving, live, dynamic, digital collage of the chosen location through a computer algorithm.

Long Proposal: In this project, I intend to produce an interactive mobile interface that explores a handful of specific visually interesting locations around Bristol like; Cabot Tower, Wills Memorial Building and Clifton Suspension Bridge, what all these locations all have in common is that they are all regularly photographed by members of the public upon visiting them, and these images inevitably end up being posted on social media. They will also often be geotagged with the location that the photo was taken, and or given a hashtag pertaining to that location.

I believe that technically we are all digital neighbours, as we are all interconnected through the internet and social networks. So why not use our neighbour’s photos, of which there are many and a constant stream of them permanently being uploaded online, to produce a reimagined more abstract image of the location, potentially made from sections of their photos. An image that is dynamic and permanently morphing as new images are added, it would be live, interactive and a potentially panoramic image made by a network of people contributing imagery without even knowing it, then a script would select the image based on its metadata select a section of it and add it to the live photomontage, I like the idea that the person uploading the image on social media wouldn’t even know that it’s been taken and used in this project because it highlights issues about privacy and the ownership of rights over one’s own photos.

Sources of inspiration include; The Ten Thousand Cents Project, David Hockney’s Photomontages, Artist Chuck Close, Artist Paolo Cirio and Photographer Richard Prince.


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