Idea Proposal and Sources of Inspiration

BRIEF: Create a group project that uses a contemporary issue or subject that you think is important and are passionate about as its starting point. Aim for a user experience that lasts 4-8mins.
Choose a topic you are passionate about, but one that is practical to create. Where you have access to the resources you will need (people, places, information) in the production timeframe.
Your project must be deployed across at least two different types of media; video and one other (e.g image / text / audio / graphics) and across TWO different online platforms. The final project should be built and designed to be experienced online / across a network. Ideally the project will make sense through the intersection of those platforms and media.

[UPDATED] Group Proposal: As a group of three, we have consolidated and compromised our ideas into one final group proposal. We intend to create an interactive online experience highlighting the stark contrast between an immigrant’s experiences of living in a war zone versus their experiences living in Bristol. We intend to edit together found clips shot point of view by people from conflict areas and war zones like Syria. We then intend to shoot our own point of view video as a shot for shot replica of the first video but in Bristol. When we embed the videos in a web page, to further exemplify the contrast between the two environments, we will layer both of the videos on top of each other and use an opacity slider to allow the user to switch between the two videos. We will also incorporate an interview with an immigrant or a selection of immigrants living in Bristol, to give their first-hand experiences which we will include as an audio track embedded in the website, to play over the top of the video.

Short Proposal: For this project, I intend to create an interactive documentary film about immigrants living in and around Bristol, specifically focusing on the personal complications and hardships of a handful of immigrants living and working in the area.

Long Proposal: For this project, I intend to create an interactive documentary film about refugees living and working in and around the Bristol area. I believe that it is a good time to focus on this issue as U.S President-elect Donald Trump recently signed an executive order banning all refugees and immigrants entering the United States from seven majority Muslim countries for at least 90 days. Which sparked huge amounts of passionate public action in the form of protests, I am also passionate about the issue and believe that immigrants don’t have a voice and are often stereotyped and pigeon-holed into generally negative generalisations, and I aim to change those misconceptions listen to them and give them a voice.

Sources of inspiration include; Street artist Banksy, Photographer Platon, Molleindustria’s Phone Story GameThe Quipu ProjectThe {} AndThe Worry Box Project, Highrise : Universe Within and Question Bridge.

Mandy Rose’s Criteria for what makes a successful project:

  • What am I trying to do with media?
  • How am I going to do that?
  • How can I express that in an elegant way?


VIDEO: Below is a video by W Magazine titled ‘ I Am an Immigrant’ this video a huge source of inspiration for this project, read more about the video here:

The Davis Museum Protest: Another source of inspiration is the bold decision the Davis Museum at Wellesley College in Massachusetts has made this Presidents Day weekend, to remove all the works produced or given to the museum by immigrants. Read more about this story here:art-lessVIDEO: Another source of visual inspiration for this project comes from a short film about ‘The Bristol Bike Project‘ which is a project set up to provide free bicycles to underprivileged groups that would not otherwise have the opportunity to own a bicycle, like immigrants who are not able to work to buy them self a bike to get around on, but are able to join a project like ‘The Bristol Bike Project’ and build their own bike from scratch.

BORDERGAME: Another source of inspiration is National Theatre Wales’ Bordergame interactive theatre experience, which offers its players a safe haven from the perils of their old lives. All they have to do is make it from Bristol to Newport, without arousing the suspicions of the Border Agency of the Autonomous Republic of Cymru (BAARC) and its online, a volunteer army of Active Citizens. Learn more about the project here:


VIDEO: Another source of inspiration for this project is this first-person music video for ‘The Stampede’ by the band Biting Elbows directed by Ilya Naishuller, this is useful to our project, because it is a good example of a point of view video that is very immersive and captivating, and we are looking to create a point of view video for our project but through the eyes of an immigrant. Ilya Naishuller also directed the feature-length film Hardcore Henry, which is shot almost entirely from a first-person perspective using GoPros.

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