For the pilot, we wanted to explore the interactive element of this project, which will be the opacity slider, which will allow the user to fade in between the two simultaneous videos. We were very inspired by this website which we stumbled across during our research, the website consists of full page images and allows the user to fade the opacity of the image down revealing another similar image underneath, by clicking and dragging, which is very much what we are attempting to do in this project but with two videos, check out the website here. It occurred to us that the main reason this website is so successful is because the new image has been taken from exactly the same position as the old image, which it is trying to recapture, in order to recreate a sense of nostalgia. So for our pilot, we started by taking a still from a found video, which in this case is first-person video shot in Syria video can be found here! Once we had chosen our still from the shaky video, using Google Maps we identified a visually similar spot in bristol (the top of park street to be specific), we then went to visit the location to take our own photo, using the original video still as a reference point. We took an image of a building located in a similar position, I then created a GIF which can be seen below using photoshop fading the opacity up and down between the two images so the user can gain a sense of the stark contrast between the two similar yet different environments. We also shot a shaky video at the same spot to reference the original video clip we sourced the still from, which can also be seen below. I think overall, the pilot has been a success and it shows that it is possible to find locations in Bristol that could potentially be seamlessly blended with video footage from war-torn countries, where there is unrest, instability and conflict as a result of wars, which is a major contributing factor of immigration.

This project also put me in mind of Dear Photograph, which is a website where people submit a picture of a picture from the past in the present.




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