Branding and Graphic Design Process

2017-03-19 3:41:46 pm


When it came to giving this project a brand identity, we started by thinking of a name for this project. We knew we wanted to emphasise the stark contrast between the two environments in the name of our interactive web-based experience. We came up with words like; The Walk, The Fade, Fader, Difference, Slider, The Slider, Comparison, Contrast, Divergence, Lateral and Parallel. We settled on the name ‘The Parallel’ mainly because I saw a logo system that could be taken from the two L’s being an icon for the project, the L’s as two slashes (//) representing the two different parallel environments experienced by an immigrant playing simultaneously. It also reminded me of a project that I looked at during my research, that used a similar logo system, but using curly brackets ({}) called The { } And.

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