First Pilot and Prototype Testing

Above: Is an initial rough sketch I did to show what the sculpture I will produce will look like, the sculpture aims to explore the materiality of digital information processing, and hopefully question the idea around the cloud and the machines that we thoughtlessly store all of our personal information and fondest photographs which we assume are innocuous and secure. I want the sculpture to evoke the feeling of insecurity and dependency on the cloud from the viewer.
Above/Below: You can see high-quality renders of that initial sketch I did, to give you a clearer picture of what I plan to make. I want the sculpture to look like a crime scene, the black-box style computer will resemble a safe that has been broken into and robbed and has been left open and all the personal information inside is exposed and on display and all its contents is splayed out on the floor around it. There will be a cracked combination lock on the door of the computer, it will be left open so the viewer can see the contents inside, there will be no actual component parts that you would expect to see inside, there will just be printed out photos, bank statements, credit cards and notes, there will be an ethernet cable and a mains power cable coming out from the back of the tower P.C and they will be lying unplugged as if someone has pulled them out of the wall and left them that way.

cornelia-parkerThe Roof Garden Commission: Cornelia Parker, Transitional Object ‘Psycho Barn’ at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2016.

There will also be a card in front of the sculpture reading “Internal Server Error’ which could be a potential title for the piece, this piece of card propped up in front of the sculpture is an ironic material realisation of the digital error message you receive when you fail to connect and gain access to a server or ‘the cloud’, which in it’s simplest form is actually just a machine sitting in an air-conditioned room somewhere, connected to you via cables running underground. The sculpture, in short, is a metaphor for our addiction and compulsion to thoughtlessly uploading and storing the most personal parts of our lives inside machines that anyone can theoretically access and download, therefore it’s not your own personal property it is technically the property of the server owners or any persistent and adept hacker, because nothing on the internet is private, once it has been uploaded its usage and ownership is out of your control. As I mentioned in my previous post, this piece will reference heavily from Cornelia Parker’s ‘Psycho Barn’ sculpture that was displayed on the roof of the MET in New York, the relationship being that they both look like friendly everyday objects but when you walk around them, you see the more sinister message hidden beneath, but it will also reference French artist Marcel Duchamp, specifically his piece entitled ‘Fountain’ which arguably ignited the contemporary art movement, the piece also references the works of; Joseph Cornell and Joseph Beuys and Peter Galison’s journal article ‘The Ontology of the Enemy’ heavily inspired this piece. To quote Mark Zuckerberg, “Privacy is no longer a social norm” and I think my sculpture will attempt to further explore this notion.


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