Composing Immersive Audio Recount


As far as composing an immersive audio soundscape for this project, it wasn’t easy to organise an interview with someone who had recently immigrated from a conflict area in the middle east to Bristol, especially someone who would be willing to let us record them for our project. However, our major breakthrough came from talking with a fellow student on our course, he is from Kurdistan and him and his family immigrated in March 2003, due to war and conflict. Therefore, he had a lot of connections, many of which, however, were understandably reluctant to talk to us openly about their experiences getting into the country, but were very candid and honest about what he had witnessed back at home and why they left. Above: You can see some photos of us conducting the interview, Dadyr is on the phone with his uncle who we interviewed for this project, his uncle doesn’t speak English so we wrote down a set of three very open-ended questions and asked Dadyr to translate them, we then recorded the audio from the phone to listen back and translate back into English, so we can record Dadyr re-reading the words of his own uncle, describing his own personal experiences and journey from Iran to Bristol, in order to later overlay over our interactive web-based video.

question_card copy
Above: You can see the three questions, which we got Dadyr to translate and ask his uncle in Kurdish, we then recorded the answers.

Above: You can listen to the original audio recording from the interview that we captured.


Above: You can see a screenshot of Jamie editing the telephone interview that recorded between Dadyr and his uncle and his uncle’s friend who is also a recent asylum seeker. He is editing the audio we captured using Audition, the objective of editing the telephone recording was to remove the questions we wrote for Dadyr to ask, in order to get a seamless, uninterrupted story, to overlay the translated version over the top. He also levelled out the audio so there would be no spikes when listening. You can listen to the recording of the continuous untranslated version of Dadyr’s uncles story, without Dadyr’s interjections below:



Above: you can see an image of us using a Tascam to record Dadyr reading out the transcription of the translated words of his uncle, we will overlay this recording over the untranslated initial telephone recording we made. You can listen to this recording in full below! We had to relisten and transcribe with the assistance of Dadyr to translate all 7 minutes of dialogue between him and his uncle, we were fortunate in the depth and detail he went into for us, and after reading the translation I am pleased with the outcome, I think his openness about his past experiences add a level of depth and intrigue to this project and allow us to now create an immersive visual element to accompany the audio we now how.



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