App Testing…

WebApp testing was crucial for this project as we were not exactly sure how users would interact with the app and whether they would use it in the way we intended. The main thing we wanted to test for was whether or not users would zoom in on the mosaic section they were given, as we new from initial tests and visits to the location, the Clifton Suspension Bridge Observatory, that in order to get a section of the bridge for the mosaic, users would inevitably have to zoom in on the bridge because of the distance between the observatory and the bridge itself, also the zooming function is not clearly displayed on many smartphones, you actually have to pinch the image to zoom the camera closer to what you are taking an image of. So, in order to test whether or not people would instinctively and intuitively zoom their camera to replicate the image we gave them, we mocked up an instructions page image and put it on our smartphones and gave it to a few of our friends, who didn’t know anything about the project or the app and how it functioned, we let them read the instructions and carry out the task. Fortunately, the results were very positive as all three of the participants in our test did intuitively zoom in on the bridge to try and re-create the photo we gave them on the instructions page as best possible, some of the users even used the square setting on their camera to match the square image that we gave them on the instructions page.


Above: Is one of the images that one of our friends took as part of the test, I personally believe that they did a really good job of replicating it by zooming in on the bridge and as a mosaic of images you would get a really good and accurate depiction of the Clifton Suspension Bridge if it were made up of user-uploaded images as accurate to the sample image as this one above.

We also asked everyone to give us some overall feedback and constructive criticism about this early version of the app. Here’s what one of the testing participants (Jack) had to say about Mozaik so far:

“The app was great. Really easy to use but the buttons are bad. Some of it does go onto the other page though but it still works. Very, very cool, looking forward to seeing the final version!”
–  Jack

In response to the feedback we received from Jack, we redesigned all of the buttons, as the ones that were present during testing were just placeholder button images found online waiting to be replaced by custom designed buttons. Also, some of the links weren’t working during testing we’ve since fixed these links so all the buttons work to navigate forwards and backwards between pages. I am really pleased that we carried out this testing process as it has highlighted some issues and potential improvements and fixes and it has also reassured us that the concept of the app can realistically work.



Above: You can see images documenting the process of Josh at the Clifton Suspension Bridge, testing out Mozaik’s app functionality to identify any bugs and tweaks that needed to be made, that we would only be able to identify by being at the location that the app will be used.


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