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WEBSITE BRIEF: Jane Carvell Shadow Work Facilitator
About Shadow Work: Robert Bly in his Little book of Shadows believes that the Shadow is the part of us that we deny, repress, cut away or keep down . He believes that we spend 20 years of our life putting things away in our backpack and the rest of our lives trying to take it out again. Shadow Work® is a way to bring your true self out of shadow and into the light. Shadow Work® is a way of transforming parts of your character that you’d like to change with compassion and understanding, and offers an effective technology for balancing these diverse parts. Shadow Work® includes a set of facilitated processes that allow individuals to explore and change almost any behavior pattern. Shadow Work® is especially devoted to providing a setting that allows people to explore and evolve themselves safely, choicefully and without pressure from the facilitator. Based on Cliff Barry’s unique synthesis of ancient and modern tools, Shadow Work® uses a four-directional “map of the mind” to identify and process your “shadows.”

About me: I have 20 years experience in leading and managing people in operational settings across the 3 sectors. I have a passion for people development with particular focus on releasing potential by enabling an awareness of patterns and behaviours that are not in service.
I am a Certified Shadow Work®Facilitator and Coach; a Shiatsu Practitioner and a NLP Practitioner.

Purpose of the website:

  • Provide a site that is functional and easy to use for all age groups.
  • Allow booking of Shadow Work sessions and online payment.
  • Allow people to contact me easily.
  • Showcase the services of the facility.

Functionality requirement:

  • Booking of therapy sessions.
  • Ability to see available booking slots.
  • Online payment option.
  • Contact us.
  • Newsletter sign-up.


  • Make it clear what services I offer.
  • Group work (Friday-Sunday workshops) and Individual One to One work (4 hour sessions).
  • Represent the ideas behind Shadow Work in a visually exciting way.
  • Create a design that will stand out from other similar sites.

Target audience:

  • People who have already started exploring their consciousness through other therapies.
  • People in recovery.
  • People with mental health issues.
  • Aged 19 – 70. Typically mid to late 20’s upwards.

Copyright: Use only copyright free images and fonts.

Not included in this brief:

  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Maintenance and Support.
  • Hosting.
  • Fees.


NOTES: Below you can see the notes that I made during our interview with Jane Carvell.blog_2


RESEARCH: During my research on Shadow Work® websites, the first website I discovered was which seems to be the main Shadow Work® website, with a large repository of information, an online store, videos and external links to other Shadow Work® sites. However, in my opinion, this site is poorly designed and looks outdated, especially as the site is not responsive across different screen sizes and devices, the site just scales down for smartphone view, as opposed to it being redesigned using breakpoints. I also noticed during my research that there is no consistent brand identity or image for Shadow Work®, although this site seems to be using a compass as a visual tool to associate with Shadow Work®. The compass is a reference to the four archetypes; Sovereign, Lover, Warrior, Magician located in North, South, East, West which Jane discussed during our Q&A, I think I may take the idea of the compass and reference it in my homepage design. I then found the sites, and all of these sites are very informative and have a lot in common in that they all have; a page about Shadow Work®, a page about the practitioner or a biography, a testimonials page and a contact page. However, much like the website, the design looks rather uninspiring and is not visually exciting, there is also no correlation between any of the colour schemes being used on these websites to draw inspiration from.shadowworksite_2Screen-Shot-2017-11-12-at-12.30.43Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 14.08.19
Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 12.30.00

SITEMAP: Below is a sitemap which I produced using Sketch, I started with the quick drawing I did in my notes after our interview with Jane Carvell, I used this as a starting point to build on. To make the site as simple and as easy to navigate for all of the target market as possible, which goes up to 70 years old, I refined the navigation into four simple menu items to categorise all of the content on the website into; About, Booking, Blog and Contact.

WIREFRAMES: Below shows a series of wireframes I produced to show the imagined site structure of the Shadow Work® website. I started with a hand drawing of the home page as a wireframe, then rendered that drawing using Sketch along with the other pages of the website using the sitemap to assist me. The Shadow Work® logo, footer menu and the social media icons; Facebook and LinkedIn along with the newsletter sign up button will be present on every page. The logo for easy access back to ‘Home’, the footer menu for links to the sitemap, legal documentation and quick link to the contact page and the social media icons for quick links to Janes social media accounts and newsletter sign up.wireframe_1





I started the design process by thinking about colour, and what colour palettes could best represent Shadow Work® and what those colours might further represent. The websites I explored when researching Shadow Work® weren’t much help as far as enabling me to brand Shadow Work® and give it a consistent colour aesthetic. So I went to google for inspiration, I google image searched ‘Shadow Work’, I then took a screenshot of the results and pixelated the image to get an impression of the overall colour spectrum of the images (see below), what I found was a very monochrome, grayscale colour palette so I felt it would be foolish of me not to use the monochrome colour palette that was already staring me in the face, but ironically was not being employed by the other Shadow Work® websites that I visited. It also matched my initial thought, which was that the branding should be grayscale as shadows are black castings with a white light, so it made sense. BLACK is visually heavy, its message is therefore very strong and most commonly associated with power, authority and strength. WHITE is considered safe and open. While black is symbolic of evil, white is directly linked to that which is righteous, good and peaceful. Therefore using both these colours and grey which is somewhere in between the two, is representing the balance between good and evil and a major part of shadow work is about combatting your inner demons and bringing ‘your true self out of the shadow into the light’, so a purely grayscale colour palette seems very apt.



Below: You can see the colour palette consisting of four colours, which I produced with precise HEX codes, based on my findings above that I was going to use only monochrome colours, I will use these four colours to produce my mockup homepage design. The dark grey colour was picked from the title on the front cover of Connie Zweig’s book, ‘Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature’.


LOGO: I then started producing a logo for the Shadow Work® website using Adobe Illustrator, based off an initial sketch I did in my notes after our interview with Jane, where I proposed reappropriating the O of ‘Work’ with a compass icon. I also wanted the logo to have a shadow cast behind it, so I made the logo three-dimensional and added a drop shadow, as well as including Jane Carvell’s name underneath. I had to incorporate the ® symbol into the logo as Shadow Work® is a registered trademark.logo_versions_2

HOMEPAGE: I began producing the user interface for the homepage by sketching out what I wanted it to look like on paper first, I knew I wanted the main feature of the homepage to be the compass image, because visitors would instantly associate the compass with the idea of Shadow Work®, the four archetypes and the website if they have visited that before. It would also function as a navigation tool, to allow the user in an interesting and exciting way to navigate their way around the website from the homepage, there will be a normal navigation menu in the header of all other pages of the website. I also want the needle on the compass to follow the user’s mouse cursor which I know could be built into the real webpage using javascript code.final_sketchdiagramFINAL HOMEPAGE DESIGN:shadow_work_homepage_2

 Is an animation I made using Adobe After Effects to attempt to visualise how the compass needle will move in the direction of the mouse cursor on the home page of the Shadow Work® website.after_effects_laptop

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