UX Testing – ‘The Data Intrusion’ Questionnaire…

For our first set of user testing, we wanted to gauge an understanding of the reception our app would receive and the potential of the app idea amongst our target market. We produced a survey using surveymonkey.com, you can see the results below.

RESULTS: 21 participants took part in the survey

Q1: Would you be willing to allow our app to use your personal; photos, text messages, contacts and location as part of an interactive drama? [YES/NO]
9 YES and 12 NO
This is a concern for our project however, I believe that if the question how clearer at excentuating the fact that the app would only access them once to use in the drama and maybe only ask for users photos instead of text messages, contatcts and location aswell.

Q2: Would you watch a drama on your phone/tablet? [YES/NO]
16 YES and 5 NO
This is a positive result for our project.

Q3: What genre of film do you find most engaging? [Thriller/Action/Horror/Comedy/Documentary/Crime/Mystery/Drama]

Q4: How many times would you be willing to interact with the drama; if there were alternate storylines? [Only Once/2 Times/3 Times/4 Times/5 or more Times]

How many times they will try to play the game if this had alternative endings, the majority replied 3 times while immediately after, the 2nd answer was 5 times or more.

Q5: Would you be willing to pay money for this unique experience? [YES/NO]
10 YES and 11 NO

In the question If they would pay to play this game, the answers were totally divided, 10 yes and 10 no.

Q6: Based on all of the above would you be interested in downloading this app? and Would you suggest it to a friend? [No (I would not download it)/Yes and I would suggest it to a friend/No and I would not suggest it to a friend/Yes and I would not suggest it to a friend/Yes (I would download it)/No and I would suggest it to a friend
15 Yes and I would suggest it to a friend]

In the question if they will download this app, and at the same time if they will recommended it to their friends, the answers were overwhelmingly yes, with 14 yes and 6 different answers.

See in-depth results analysis here.

To conclude

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