Individual Proposal and Project Development…

Above/Below: Shows some slides from my presentation including, some logos and branding I produced for the project. I took the design aesthetic and branding from facebook its self so that the extension would look like it could be made by Facebook, by adding another f to the Facebook logo then pixelating it and adding the word filter after facebook in facebooks distinctive font, but then obscuring it with a pixelation just like the facebook filter will with photos on your Facebook feed. The presentation also includes visualisations of how the extension will look in the browser, with a live stock-chart showing a live feed of Facebook’s current up to date stock market value, and it will also show how there profit or loss translates into a pixelation value of the images on your feed. As well as an on/off button to turn the Facebook filter off when the user wants to return to using Facebook normally, without having to turn the extension off manually in the extensions manager. There is also a visualisation of how the Facebook Filter will affect your Facebook feed, and how it will pixelate all the images except the images used as Facebook advertising, as a way of shamelessly satirising how Facebook makes its money, and to show its not about the sharing of photos and the connections with friends and family on Facebook, it is actually a tool for collecting data to sell to advertisers to increase Facebook’s bottom line. I include references to artists such as Ellie Harrison, who made a vending machine that was reprogrammed to release snacks only when news relating to the recession made the headlines on the BBC News. James Bridle’s browser extension titled Citizen Ex, which was a big inspiration for this project. Citizen Ex is a browser extension that tracks your browsing history and based on the IP addresses of the websites you visit, gives you an algorithmic citizenship based purely on where you go online. Finally, Edmond Clark, who is a British photographer whos series titled Negative Publicity, consisted of photographs documenting top secret locations where people were held by the state, some of which, like the one below, had to be pixelated and redacted for obvious security reasons. Below you can also see that I sourced a live API feed in the form a JSON file of facebooks current stock market financial information. I also found a javascript slider that allows me to increase the pixelation value of an image, and I have experimented with building and developing my own chrome extensions using the extension developer mode in chrome. For example, building an extension that will change the background colour of any webpage with a simple click, this is surprisingly simple and only involves a few lines of code and works on most web pages.

RESEARCH | Sources of Inspiration:
Ellie Harrison – Vending Machine:

James Bridle – Citizen Ex:

Edmund Clark – Negative Publicity:

Mishka Henner – Dutch Landscapes:





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